Pepper - Holy Mole

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Pepper - Holy Mole

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Holy Molé is a memorable name and the plant will provide a memorable harvest of peppers. It is the first hybrid pasilla-type pepper, which is used to make the famous molé sauce. Holy Molé showed improved vigor, earliness and considerably higher yield than the comparisons in side-by-side trials. A reason for the higher yield is the virus resistances bred into the variety. Holy Molé is resistant to two common viruses that stunt plants and reduce pepper production. The immature green peppers are 7 to 9 inches long and can be harvested in about 85 days from transplanting. If fruit is left on the plant, they will mature to a dark chocolate color. The pepper flavor is nutty and tangy. Mature plants are 3 feet tall; a perfect size for patio containers. Holy Molé is easily grown in a sunny location and thrives on summer heat.


  • Size: 4 Inch Pot