Pansy - Matrix

Call for in-store availability in May, June, July



  1. Matrix Beaconsfield

  2. Matrix Blue Blotch

  3. Matrix Clear Mix

  4. Matrix Deep Blue Blotch

  5. Matrix Denim

  6. Matrix Lavender Shades

  7. Matrix Lemon

  8. Matrix Mix

  9. Matrix Morpheus

  10. Matrix Orange

  11. Matrix Primrose

  12. Matrix Purple Improved

  13. Matrix Red Blotch

  14. Matrix Spring Midnight Glow

  15. Matrix True Blue

  16. Matrix White

  17. Matrix Yellow

  18. Matrix Yellow Blotch


Extra-large flowers on strong, sturdy stems. Produces more flowers per plant than other pansies to create high-impact landscapes and containers.

  • Pot Size: 4 - Pack 
  • Matrix offers less handling, less waste and exceptional holding power for higher profitability.
  • 7-day bloom window across all colours in Autumn production makes scheduling and growing easy.
  • Extra-large flowers hold up to the heat and PGR stress in Summer/Autumn production.
  • Low-maintenance series gives pro landscapers the best choice for uniform colour striping, plus the most flowers per plant of any large-flowered pansy.

Make your life easier
Matrix is your best option for longer days and warmer growing. Its uniformity of timing and plant habit simply can’t be beaten by any other varieties in the marketplace. Only Matrix has a tight bloom window in Autumn production that allows every colour to ship the same week.