Flowering Kale

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Flowering Kale


  1. Kamone Red


Fringed red/green leaves on plants that spread 12-14 in/30-35 cm. Grown for the colorful rosettes of red centers and green outer leaves.

  • Pot Size: 4 - Pack

Highly recommended for formal fall beds in city parks and golf clubs with fall chrysanthemums. Both types can also be grown in 6 in/15 cm pots. Ornamental cabbage has larger, rounder leaves. Flowering Kale has a wide variation of flat types which include savoyed or spinach-like leaves or long deeply cut feathery foliage which can also be used as a unique cut flower. Both types are edible and are also used to garnish or decorate salad bars. The 6 in/15 cm pots (mature plants) can be planted, pot and all, if there is proper drainage or removed carefully from the pots into flower beds.