Eggplant - Asian Delight

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Eggplant - Asian Delight


 Slender, elongated eggplants are glossy with bright purple skin and white, tender, non-bitter flesh. Fruit can be sliced lengthwise for grilling or lightly frying, and tender skin does not need to be peeled. Sliced or diced fruit is great for a stir-fry or curry; its non-bitter flavor and tender texture will complement any sauce. Plants are upright and semi-spineless, so they are very easy and painless to harvest. Asian Delite is a great addition to any in-ground garden or large container. 


  • Plant Habit: 24" - 42" (61-107cm)

    Water: Medium

    Fertilize: 2x per week

    Spacing: 24 - 36" (61 - 91cm)

    Height: 30 - 36" (76 - 91cm)

    Width: 32" (81cm)

    Exposure: Sun