Collards - Flash

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Collards - Flash


Flash is an early-maturing, highly uniform and vigorous Vates-type hybrid. The slowest of our collards to bolt, Flash allows growers and home gardeners repeated heavy harvests that regrow quickly after cutting. Fancy leaves are dark green and smooth.

Early, very uniform Vates-type has smooth, dark green leaves on open, upright plants. Very slow to bolt, with repeated harvests. 75 Days to maturity.


  • Blooming Season: Summer

    Plant Habit: Upright

    Water: Medium

    Fertilize: Every two weeks

    Spacing: 30 - 44" (76 - 112cm)

    Height: 24 - 30" (61 - 76cm)

    Width: 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm)

    Exposure: Sun