Browallia - Marine Bells

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Browallia - Marine Bells


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  1. Browallia - Marine Bells


Amethyst flower is a dense tender perennial from tropical South America that is commonly grown as an annual. The cultivar 'Marine Bells' has light green leaves which are a nice contrast to the numerous and pretty star-shaped, intense indigo blue flowers with tiny white centers.

Amethyst flower grows easily from seed in diffused sun and fertile, moist soil. It would benefit being shaded from the hottest summer afternoon sun in the warmest climates. Overall, it is a reliable bedding plant that can be enjoyed indoors in the winter as well.


  • Pot Size: 4 - Pack
    • Sun Exposure

      Partial Sun, Partial Shade

    • Height

      10"-12" / 25.4cm - 30.5cm

    • Width

      12"-14" / 30.5cm - 35.6cm

    • Bloom Time

      Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall