Behind the Scenes @ Marvins Gardens Part II

Behind the Scenes @ Marvins Gardens Part II

THE PROCESS: Seeding to Germinating, and Developing a strong plant with good roots.

A lot of these activities happen in sequence  but as I indicated in an earlier post all plants require varying lengths of growth before they are saleable.  Many plants are seeded several weeks in succession, in order to provide some varieties for the early gardener and also those gardeners who need plant products later in the season.  I will not bore you with all the details, but I thought you may enjoy some short videos of the process.

Here’s the seeder.  Marv and Ed are the main operators behind this essential piece of equipment.

Once they are seeded they are set into what we call the germinator where the heat and humidity provide an atmosphere for the seeds germinate quickly.

After the germination they are either set down on a heated floor, to further develop the root system, or put out into another greenhouse table.  This is a delicate process as the very tender seedlings need the proper heat, light misting/moisture and light before they can be moved to the transplanting area.

Seedlings Video

A lot of the plants are sent to us as cuttings and our staff meticulously place each plant cutting into a tray filled with a special blend of potting media, and set on a heated floor and under plastic tunnels, which provide ideal growing conditions.

Once the seedings and the cuttings have become well rooted, the transplanting begins!

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