Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea


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  1. Ballerina Blue

  2. Blue Ripple

  3. Knee High Mix

  4. Mammoth Crimson

  5. Mammoth Deep Rose

  6. Mammoth Mid Blue

  7. Mammoth Mix

  8. Mammoth Navy Blue

  9. Mammoth Scarlet

  10. Pink and White Ripple

  11. Tickled Pink

  12. White Supreme


This variety has particularly large flowers on particularly long stems, so they're a great cut flower for the farm table or the home garden. While they have a distinct fragrance, they are not like the intense Spencers or High Scent, so they will appeal to growers who prefer subdued scents.

    • Pot Size: 4 - Pack

    Prefers rich, heavy soil and does not do well in sand. Keep moist in dry weather and well sprayed for aphids. Cut flowers last 4-5 days or longer if Everbloom is added to the water.